Clinic Closures

Due to ongoing uncertainty and safety issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic I have no option but to close my physical clinics for the time being.
In the coming weeks I will continue to see urgent post-operative patients and reviews.  You will be contacted to confirm your appointment time.
If you require an appointment in future we are taking bookings – please contact us below.

We are currently developing an online clinic for new patient consultations using telemedicine.

If you are a Lawyer seeking medico-legal opinion please click the link below for more information.

I wish everyone the best and I look forward to helping you with your hands in the near future.

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Contact for medico-legal advice on the papers or future patient booking


The clinic is moving online during the COVID-19 crisis

Dr Cameron Mackay

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Dr Mackay specialises in surgery of the hand including acute traumatic injuries and elective hand conditions.

Hand Surgery


Dr Mackay works closely with insurers, therapists and rehabilitation providers to maximise post surgical outcomes.

Hand Therapy - Cameron Mackay


Dr Mackay considers each case carefully to produce the most up-to-date and balanced opinion possible.

Cameron Mackay Office


Dr Cameron Mackay is a Hand Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgeon based in Queensland, Australia.
He specialises in the management of elective hand conditions, trauma and the revision of post-traumatic deformity.

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