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Consultations & advice

Nearby or national, with or without a referral, Dr Mackay is available to talk with you.  You can book a one on one conversation now.


If you are a student or surgical trainee you can book an individual or group teaching session with Dr Mackay.

Services Provided


If you have a problem with your hand you may just want to know what it might be and what it means.  Dr Mackay is here to talk to you about your symptoms and advise you on what to do next.  Even if you haven’t had time to get to your GP you can book straight in and pay a private fee without the hassle.


For students of anatomy or surgery hand anatomy can be difficult to understand.  Dr Mackay is available for one on one or group tutorial sessions to help you master this knowledge.  If there is a group of you seeking the same help you can book a personalised webinar for up to 100 attendees.

Medico-Legal Services

Dr Mackay has extensive experience in medico-legal assessment and workers compensation.  If you wish to discuss assessment for hand injury, plastic surgery or scarring and disfigurement Dr Mackay can help.  

Specialty Areas

Dupuytren Disease

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


If you are a legal professional and have a case involving hand injury, plastic surgery or scarring and disfigurement, Dr Mackay can help you.

Hand Surgery Training

common questions

Dr Mackay offers a variety of online services.  

If you have a referral from your GP you will be able to claim the medicare rebate.  If not, you can just pay the full fee and book straight in.

  • New patient – AU$200 for 30 min
  • Existing/Short  – AU$100 for 15 min
  • Informal Advice/Professional Guidance – AU$100 for 15 min

Review of a file and one on one briefing starts at AU$800 inclusive of the first hour of reading and preparation.  For more complex matters please contact (07) 38347011 for a quote.


You will only need a referral if you wish to claim the Medicare rebate from the Australian Government.  It may end up being more convenient and economical to book directly and pay the full fee.

It would be helpful to send any results or investigations you have such as x-rays or MRI scans.  For some problems a good quality photo or two can be very helpful.

Yes, of course.

All one on one meetings are treated in the same manner as a new patient consultation.  Even if you are asking for general advice on a topic your information and details are strictly confidential.

Just click on the button at the bottom of this page to book online 24 hours a day.

If you wish to speak to our staff call +61 (07)38347011 in office hours or e-mail at

As long as you can access Zoom, you can book a meeting with Dr Mackay.  As a registered Medical Specialist in Australia he can provide general advice on diagnosis and explain what you should do next.

Should you need further medical treatment, you will need to find a surgeon where you live or travel to see Dr Mackay at his main practice in Brisbane, Queensland.

As Dr Mackay is not a registered medical practitioner outside of Australia he is not able to provide formal medical advice  to people in other countries.

If you wish to book for an education tutorial or informal discussion about hand surgery or anatomy he would love to speak with you, wherever you are.

Up to 100 people can register for your webinar.  Once you have booked and paid you will be sent an invitation to share with 99 of your friends.  

You are free to record the session and use it how you like thereafter.

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You can cancel your appointment up to 4 hours beforehand for a full refund.


Let us know what you need help with and Dr Mackay will find an expert who can meet with you and help.  

No question is too hard.